Spray Line



Initially conceived for professional use, they have also been extremely well-received in domestic use. Efficient spray dispenser that can perfume large surfaces with just one spray.

Ambient Fragrance: spray perfumer for spaces.
Lovely Night: delicate spray perfumer for fabrics.


• Diffuser with spray dispenser
• Format: 1000 ml

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Ambient Fragrance

Spray perfumer for spaces

Bitter Orange & Grapefruit

A decidedly citrus fragrance with notes of orange, grapefruit and Sicilian lemons. Bittersweet, with rose and lavender bringing a fresh and energizing touch.

Eucalyptus & Lavander

Fresh and delicate notes of lavender that deliver harmony and calm. A perfect accord of orange and eucalyptus with an oriental touch of sandalwood and white musk.

Orchid & Jasmine

A fascinating encounter of citrus and woody notes, sweet touches of orchid and jasmine, and a persistent background of oriental woods.

Tea Leaves & Lavander

Energetic fragrance of sparkling lavender and green tea, softened by a delicate vanilla heart.

Lovely Night

Delicate spray perfumer for fabrics


A fresh and delicate fragrance that evokes memories of walks among flowering orange trees.

Jasmine Ylang

A vibrant and floral fragrance that delicately combines notes of jasmine with warm and oriental ylang-ylang. A sweet balance of pure pleasure.

White Night

A fresh and flowery fragrance with a persistent hint of white flowers and delicate musk, and a slight nuance of resins and woods.

Sweet Dreams

The sweetness of this fragrance comes from a heart of honeysuckle, a magical touch of cyclamen, and a gentle and relaxing background of musk.